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We are so glad you asked. Here at DEALIO, we are a group of people just like you who are tired of giving away our hard-earned MONEY. We want to support our LOCAL businesses as much as possible. We are also sick of waiting for delivery of PRODUCTS to come by courier. Why wait, when they are already at your LOCAL stores and you can have them TODAY.  

We want it NOW and we want a DEAL. This is why we’ve developed the DEALIO app. Dealio is the tactical tool you need in your arsenal to SAVE you from overspending. Deals are everywhere, hidden in plain sight and Dealio can help you FIND them.


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Save your deals for later and be reminded when you’re nearby the store. Isn’t it about time that expensive phone did more than cost you money?

Dealio is free for consumers like you because we believe that saving money shouldn’t cost you anything.



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You’ve tried the newspaper, too much money! You’ve tried email campaigns, direct to junk mail. Find the customers that want to be found. Sign up today!

Retailers, we already know what you’re thinking. Dealio can definitely get YOUR deals into the pockets of potential customers all while diverting them into your store.

It all sounds great Dealio but……HOW MUCH? Contact us today to find out more.